Which is better for men to masturbate with an inverted model or a plane cup?

A long night, a man’s way, a quiet, drifting smoke, in the air into a thin smoke ring, then slowly disappear, finally become a lonely sky.The lonely man will choose to indulge in the hot and spicy alcohol, the thoughts float to the red dust, let the heart of the loneliness with that drive, turn red to make public in the whole face.But what can you use to vent your passion?Which is better to masturbate with an inverted model or a plane cup?

A man without sex will be lonely.It is necessary to choose a good health care product to liberate the hungry and thirsty brothers.Do you use an airplane cup or a fake one?Let us introduce the advantages of the inverted model and the airplane cup.

The airplane cup is made of soft synthetic resin or medical grade silicone.Healthy and non-toxic, no harm to the body.The design is small and easy to carry, and the external design and cup size are similar and easy to carry.You can enjoy the perfect sex anytime you want.So men who are very motivated to pursue sex appeal.The internal structure is to imitate the female’s lower body design, can bring the real sexual experience.

The main feature of male simulation is that the shape is vivid and sexy, the human vagina and sexy buttocks are designed to give a visual impact.Made of super soft silica gel, soft and soft, like the tender and tight skin of young girls, tight caves never relax.It belongs to the lifelike physical therapy self-service device, which is made of non-toxic bionic high elastomer.Simulation Yin hip reverse mould according to the principle of bionics medicine, through the vibration massage, swing, multi-function massage effective stimulating sensitive area such as voice, stimulate the local nerve, in view of the male impotence, premature ejaculation, lack of orgasm or at effectively regulate wait for a symptom, belongs to physical therapy and health masturbation.

Which is better for men to simulate the buttock inverted model and the airplane cup?They have their own advantages, xiao huang suggests to choose according to personal preference and habit.The male simulation is suitable for the private occasions.The airplane cup is convenient to carry, especially suitable for traveling, traveling, and family.For men who need to improve their physical condition, it is best to go to the hospital to have a detailed understanding of the doctor before use, so as to ensure proper use and achieve the therapeutic effect.