What are the characteristics of different female sex toys?

The remote control butterfly.
The strangest thing is a device called “remote butterfly”.
The wonderful thing is not only the butterfly touching the female private triangle sensitive area, but also the office, the public, anytime, anywhere to enjoy, relaxed and comfortable.

Adult inflatable doll.
In addition, there are “adult inflatable dolls” in women’s products, like “inflatable dolls” in men’s products.
Those items in the adult shop on the Internet, allegedly them according to some of the world famous male body reverse mould, not only looks handsome “special”, there is a big strong body, “the real color and shape, the fragrance of 4 excessive, can let a female clasped the, depend on on his solid shoulder, drive away the night alone” female supplies is a wide variety, dazzling, can fully meet the various needs of different women, so to speak.
For the women who want to use them, perhaps the trouble they face now is not that they have no choice, but that they have too many choices.

The vibrator.
This kind of simulative vibrator is also known as jian wei, which can be divided into two categories.
With the appeal of the initial production is mainly provided to genital, sensitive parts of the private parts of vibration stimulation, so only a simple function of high frequency vibration, generally is 80 hz, that is to say, can provide 80 times per second, the high frequency vibration stimulation.
At present, the function of the oscillator has been greatly improved. Besides the vibration, there are many functions such as expansion, swing, rotation and peristalsis.
In addition, the material quality also has a great change, has the more real meat feeling.
The male vibrator is used to make more private parts, and the new instrument is small in volume and good in texture, which can help to treat the S fine disorder in patients with no S.
To some extent, it can help early xie and Yang wei patients to recover their sexual function.
In addition, in the absence of a partner and normal life, it can be used in wei.
The female vibrator is mostly made of genitals, which can help stimulate the female’s GC to a certain extent, improve the demand, and cure xing cold;
Or in the man Yang wei, the woman borrows to satisfy.

Boring jump eggs, remote control jump eggs taste the method of use: jump eggs eggs will jump into the vagina, turn the knob, you can in no one place to vibrating eggs into the depths of the vagina or gang door, holding a switch control handle, the vibration velocity adjustment to the appropriate frequency.
Experience the glow of the vagina!
Strong vibrations will give you an unexpected surprise.
At the same time, the product is one of the best flirtatious items between husband and wife, adding to the fun of the room.
Experience different stimuli.
Whether male, female, husband and wife is the most ideal sex toy, at the same time this product is easier to collect.

All kinds of lubricants can help to solve the problem of the lack of lubrication in the private parts of women (especially the middle-aged and elderly women), which can help to ensure the smooth operation of the house.
It is important to choose the water-soluble lubricant with no chemical activity, so as to avoid the influence of the drug on the growth of the normal bacteria in the private area, and cause the reproduction of the pathogenic bacteria.

With a warm and romantic color and a unique design: this product is unique and cute and easy to carry.
Because it is small and tender, it is a good choice for women who have never tried toys.
(it doesn’t do any harm, and it does.)
At the same time, it is a passionate couple.
Massage sensitive area, stimulate local nerve, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine simultaneously stimulate the other sensitive parts of the private place, make the woman quickly enter excited state.
Experience a feeling you’ve never felt before.
Worth having!
Is imported latex refined, with functions of vibration, can simultaneously vibration massage women privates sensitive areas inside and outside, multiple stimuli to the female, quickly to GC, in treating disease of the female sex apathy, the lack of the GC has a good therapeutic effect.
It can be used over and over again.

The massage stick is also a common female tool except for the simulation of the penis.
Massage stick has the characteristics of easy to carry, at the end of the type of breath design such as tongue when vibration quickly picked over, in the women’s cheeks, the earlobe, breasts, genitals, and even is tickling, there is a feeling of kiss whole body.”