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Sex underwear belongs to adult goods, it is the product that lets visual stimulation and sex combine, it is the product that satisfies spirit demand after the improvement of human material life.Domestic sexy lingerie is more accurate to call it is the taste clothing, it is between underwear and clothing product.Like many adult products, sexy lingerie is already a very common product in countries such as Europe and America.Sex underwear is the derivative of underwear, distinguish from conventional underwear, its key tendency is “sexy”, form visual stimulation, achieve the stimulation of all sorts of physical senses.Lingerie according to the design can be classified as: interest uniforms, conjoined socks, bar clothing, pantyhose, SM, garters, jumpsuits, toning, exposed breasts, interest dresses, taste underwear, game uniforms, etc.These categories are not absolute, there will be intersections, and the specific classification will be based on the characteristics of this style.Sexy lingerie belongs to adult products.The effect of stimulation on the vision, promote hormone secretion, taste and sex combine, become the product of spiritual civilization.With the improvement of domestic material living standards, sexy lingerie has gradually been collected by women who are open-minded.Lingerie is a derivative of the underwear, is different from the conventional underwear, the focus tends to “sexy, mysterious” to lure more elements, the temptation of a strong sense on the vision, so that the perfection of the sexes sex experience.